Natural gas, one of the cleanest, safest and most useful sources of energy, is essential to our daily living and a vital element of the world’s supply of energy.

To meet the global demand, industry must continue to rapidly develop these resources and continue the development of new eco technologies to minimize the environmental footprint.

According to US Energy Department data, the shale gas industry has increased to over 1/3 of US production over the past 15 years, due to technological advances in the recovery of natural gas from unconventional sources. These new and improved technologies have meant that economical recovery of previously undeveloped resources, that otherwise would have gone largely undeveloped, has become a reality.

Renaissance Oil’s goal is to be a strong leader in bringing these new technologies to Mexico and other strategic countries to encourage economic growth and energy independence, while creating shareholder value. The Company is committed to working with local communities, authorities and industry experts to realize significant economic benefits from the oil and gas industry, while maximizing environmental protection.