Company Profile

Technical Team

Daniel Jarvie


  • Globally recognized as a leading analytical and interpretive organic geochemist, having evaluated conventional and unconventional petroleum systems around the World
  • Former Chief Geochemist of EOG Resources, Inc., largest shale oil producer in North America
  • Most notably, completed the independent geochemical analysis for Mitchell Energy, in their development of the Barnett Shale of the Fort Worth Basin, in Texas
  • Has authored many award winning industry papers and, in 2010, Mr. Jarvie was awarded “Hart Energy’s Most Influential People for the Petroleum Industry in the Next Decade”
  • Adjunct professor at Texas Christian University (TCU) and a member of the Energy Institute and Affiliate professor at the University of Oklahoma
  • Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame and mentored in geochemistry by Wallace Dow and Don Baker of Rice University

Nick Steinsberger


  • 22 years experience in petroleum engineering, drilling, production, and surface facilities
  • Completions Manager for Mitchell Energy and responsible for drilling of first 25 wells in the Barnett Shale, Mr. Steinsberger was integral to the growth of the company until its sale to Devon Energy for $3.1 Billion
  • First to recommend and implement slick water fracs in the Barnett Shale, transforming it from a marginal play to one of the largest gas fields in the USA reaching peak production of 5.75 Billion Cubic Feet per day in 2012
  • As horizontal team leader for Devon Energy, he designed the first horizontal completions in shales that are now used industry wide
  • Completed over 900 wells in the Barnett Shale and 300+ in other petroleum plays across North America
  • Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering, registered Professional Petroleum Engineer, Texas

Dan Steward


  • With 48 years experience in the petroleum industry, has spent over 20 years evaluating the Barnett Shale and widely considered an expert in conventional and unconventional reservoir evaluation
  • Leading member of Mitchell Energy’s Barnett Shale team and important contributor to the success of the shale play, as well as the $3.1 billion sale of the Company to Devon in 2002
  • Thereafter, applied his in-depth understanding of source rocks to evaluating resource plays within the U.S., such as the Marcellus & Mount Pleasant shales, as well as Canada, South America, China & the U.K
  • Selected by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) for their “2007 Explorer of the Year” award for role in establishing the Barnett as one of the largest producing gas fields in the United States and the model for shale resource plays worldwide
  • In 2012, honoured as one of the “Legends of Unconventional Wildcatters” by the Houston Geological Society, and received the “Monroe G. Cheney Science Award” for his work in the Barnett Shale (AAPG) in 2013

Kent Bowker


  • With over 35 years experience in the oil & gas industry Kent is widely recognized as a global industry expert in the geology and engineering of unconventional oil & gas reservoirs
  • In 1998, while with Chevron Kent was recruited by Mitchell Energy management to join Barnett Shale Team, where he ultimately played an integral role in the successful development of the resource play and Mitchell Energy
  • His technical analysis directly led to the realization that the Barnett Shale held nearly four times more gas than previously determined, ultimately increasing Mitchell’s proven reserves from 500¬†billion cubic feet to 2.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas between 1999 & 2002
  • Since 2002 sale of Mitchell Energy, Kent has had continued success in discovering hydrocarbons in several more U.S. sedimentary basins, and is further engaged in evaluating petroleum systems globally

Andrew Foulds


  • Petrophysicist, with over 35 years international experience, in reservoir evaluation both in the service sector and within global oil companies
  • Senior Petrophysicist for ExxonMobil, evaluating shale, carbonate and clastic formations globally including North Africa, East Africa, South America, Ukraine, Mediterranean, North Sea, UK, Indonesia, Canada, India and Poland
  • Expertise in planning cost effective integrated petrophysical analysis programmes for all types of reservoirs, including unconventional resources, tight oil & gas, shale oil & gas, oil shale, and CBM, as well as difficult reservoirs such as low contrast plays, thin bed analysis and complex lithology/fluid reservoirs

Stephen Cumella


  • Extensive geological and geophysical experience with major producers and, most recently, with small entrepreneurial companies in North America, Latin America and Off-shore Africa
  • Former Senior Geologist with Endeavour International, Bill Barrett Corporation / Barrett Resources and Exploration Geologist for Chevron / Chevron International
  • 35 years of experience with established record of materially increasing production over various basins
  • Directed all geological operations for Bill Barrett Corporation’s Piceance Basin development program, production increased from 30 MMcf/d when the property was acquired in 2004 to 180 MMcf/d in 2010
  • Directed budget of several hundred million and all geological operations for Barrett Resources/Williams Production RMT in the Piceance Basin, increasing production of 100 MMcf/d in 2000 to 300 MMcf/d by 2004
  • Worked with team to develop geologic model for Lake Maracaibo Blocks VI and VIII reservoir characterization projects, recommendations to PDVSA resulted in over 40,000 BOPD increased production

Randall Miller


  • Over 35 years experience specializing in integrating geology, petrophysics, fracture stimulation and production analysis for optimizing the exploitation of unconventional reservoirs
  • Division Vice President of Integrated Reservoir Solutions of Core Laboratories, a World leader for providing proprietary and patented production enhancement and reservoir management services
  • Globally renowned industry speaker, instructor and conducted and directed over 50 large joint industry projects

Carol Law


Ms. Carol Law joined Renaissance’s team in September 2015 and has been a key contributor to the Company’s evaluation of the Chiapas Blocks and other opportunities in Mexico.

Ms. Law has valued exploration and operational experience in more than 40 countries, and has led teams to major discoveries on four continents. Most recently, she managed the Anadarko exploration and appraisal of the world class Prosperidad Gas discovery in the Rovuma Basin, offshore Mozambique.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Law has held various senior management roles with Anadarko Petroleum, Kerr McGee Oil & Gas, BP/Amoco, and Conoco Inc.

Ms. Law holds a Master of Science in Geology from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Montana, Missoula, Montana.