Company Profile

Renaissance Oil is developing a high quality, diversified shale and mature fields portfolio for development in Mexico.

The Company comprises a group of world renowned shale and financial experts. Many members of Renaissance’s team commenced working together in 2009, to develop Realm Energy International Corporation, until the company was successfully merged in November 2011.

The team is now positioned to build on its experience, abilities and past success to create an exceptionally high growth opportunity for Renaissance Oil Corp. shareholders.

Consistent with their past collaboration with Halliburton, management will continue to foster this relationship with specific emphasis on utilizing latest clean technologies in conducting its operations, in the most advanced and socially responsible way.

Halliburton is a world leader in the development of unconventional reservoirs, with a strong focus on developing cleanest technologies in completion fluids and water management, as well as minimizing the temporary land disturbance. Learn about these technologies ›